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Yes, counselling sessions are extremely confidential and private. The only exception would be if the client were to pose a danger to themselves. in such specific cases the relevant parties would be notified.

No, psychotherapy is not for life. The aim of psychotherapy is to help clients overcome their existing issues. Once the issue has been resolved (coped), you can request your clinician to bring a closure to the treatment plan.

No, we do not prescribe medication as we do not have an in-house psychiatrist at "Heal with Nav". As only a psychiatrist can prescribe medication.

Our sessions are usually for 1 hour but sometimes it may go up to 1 hour 15 min.

A Counsellor is trained in the art of providing counselling and psychotherapy services to client. Most Counsellors in Singapore have a Master’s degree in counselling. While Counsellors usually have knowledge in Psychology, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is not a prerequisite to be a Counsellor.


A Psychotherapist is someone who has specialized postgraduate training in a specific psychotherapy skill set such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), art therapy, play therapy, etc, but may not have a Master’s degree in counselling.


A Psychologist is trained in the science of psychology to provide evidence-based psychotherapy and psychological assessment(s) to client.

Most Psychologists in Singapore have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology followed by a master’s degree in Applied Psychology (e.g. clinical, counselling). Psychologists are unable to prescribe medication as they do not have a medical degree but may work closely with a Psychiatrist to provide the necessary patient care.


Counsellors, Psychotherapist and Psychologists are people who treats mental health disorders by psychological rather than medical means.


A Psychiatrist a medical doctor with an advance training in psychiatric medication. Psychiatrists can diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe psychiatric medication. In Singapore, Psychiatrists work closely with Psychologists to provide the optimal mental health treatment plan for clients.

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