Modalities used

1. EDMR : How EMDR Looks ? Look at the animation video.

2. Brainspotting :  What is Brainspotting ?

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need any pre-work for the Brainspotting sessions. However, in some instances, Brainspotting practitioner may suggest you to read some information related to Brainspotting. This is to help you ask questions prior to the session. However, one doesn’t require any special preparation for the session. Clients are advised to come with an open mind and the issue they wish to work on.

Brainspotting modality can function in conjunction with almost any diagnosis or symptom experienced by the client. Being ready for a Brainspotting therapy is a discussion to have with an experienced professional. Consult a brainspotting practitioner/therapist today if it is the right time for you to start the therapy.

Of course! Brainspotting is a specialty therapy. Client can choose to work with other psychotherapist along with Brainspotting sessions.

The foundation of this modality is based on findings that there is no potential danger to the client. However, just as any therapeutic modality, the initial journey MAY be tough. It may get worse before it gets better and works for the client.

Do you have any doubts? Are you nervous about the process? Get in touch with your Brainspotting practitioner/therapist and they can address your doubts It is good to be open about your feeling with respect to all aspects of therapy before you start your journey.


Therapy processes work differently for different clients. Results may vary from person to person. A brainspotting session is no different. Yor therapist can’t predict the exact number of Brainspotting sessions you may need. Some clients may finish their process in a single session while others may need a few sessions to process everything. Brainspotting journey is different for everyone. In case, you have any queries related to the sessions, simply speak to your Brainspotting practitioner.

3. Power Of attachment


4. TRE :  What is TRE ?