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about me

Navroop Sood is a leading trauma therapist, specializing in healing post-traumatic stress, constant and continuing trauma. She is the founder and CEO of Heal with Nav. Heal with Nav provides trauma therapy and trainings.
Navroop is SAC-registered psychotherapist. Her qualifications range from Attachment focused- EMDR, Brainspotting, TRE and Somatic experiencing. She uses a heart-centered, compassionate, calming and healing approach to transform pain into a rejuvenated purpose and a zest for life.
A passionate mental health advocate, Navroop is on a mission to increase awareness about trauma and the need for trauma-informed care. Ms. Sood has helped and trained hundreds of people for improving their cognitive, emotional and behavioral outcomes with her unique integrative technique of talk therapy and somatic work.

My Mission

“I am in favor of using one hour to light up the whole week and later their whole life with no further need for professional help.”

My Philosphy

We are not treating mental illness. We are treating trauma responses, coping mechanisms & subconscious programming.
Trauma is inevitable, healing is essential. Every person is entitled to therapy that will help him or her slowly but greatly in timely fashion and we enable it.
Depression Therapy Singapore
You are resilient! Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself.


At Heal with Nav, we provide the following services:-
  • 1. Somatic Experiencing
  • 2. Psychotherapy
  • 3. EMDR Therapy
  • 4. Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)
  • 5. Depression counselling
  • 6. Relationship counselling
  • 7. Trainings
  • 8. Self-care workshops
  • 9. Coaching