“Why just survive, when you can heal, grow and thrive .”


Hi I am Nav !

I’m so glad you’re here!

If you have struggled far too long and have given up on the idea of healing.
If you have tried a number of things from self-help books, meditation, talk therapy, affirmations to mindfulness but you are still missing the link.

If you have always wanted to live a life full of joy, connection and contentment but somehow, always find yourself in a helpless state of either activation or shut down.

I hear you. Asking for help doesn’t come easy.

With you, in your healing journeys!


We at Heal with Nav use brain body modalities to bring sustained healing for all kinds of mental health struggles – be it depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders or the feelings of shame, worthlessness and lack of purpose. We address these issues holistically with both brain as well as body-work.

Whatever your healing goal is, these brain body modalities  are much more expeditious and effective than traditional talk therapy alone.

HealwithNav Psychotherapy


Navroop provides Trauma informed attachment focused psychotherapy, professional counselling, emotional care to adolescents, adults, couples and families.

HealiwithNav Coaching


At ‘Heal with Nav’, We believe in providing end to end support through the spectrum of mental illness to mental wellness (heal. Grow, thrive).
HealwithNav Selfcare

Self Care Workshop

Navroop embodies self care and provides a truly nourishing and healing experience in a safe environment.

Number of participants are kept 10 so as to give more personalized experience.

Kindly note that these workshops are not replacement for professional therapy.

Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)

Navroop provides Individual and group sessions for Trauma release exercise. TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. 



As part of our Mission, ‘Heal with Nav’ is constantly providing complimentary seminars for members of the public. These series of mental-health trainings aim to educate as well as equip participants with practical skills for application in everyday life.

DMIT & Mid Brain Training

Dermatoglyphics refers to the branch of science in the study of the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, toes, and the soles of humans.


Aishah Singapore

It is my first time attending such a program. The trainer, Navroop explained well and the class was interesting and easy for me to understand.

Ms. Go Singapore

When I met Navroop I was in a dump. I felt miserable, angry, frustrated with everything and I didn't know why. All I knew was that this was not the life I wanted but I felt helpless and stuck and despite my effort it just became harder and harder to live my life without giving myself crap everyday. I feel like I'm stuck in a loop, and when past traumatic events came back to haunt me, I knew that I needed help.
The beauty of working with Navroop is that you work AS A TEAM. She makes you understand that the end goal is for you to be self-sustaining. And because she truly believes you can overcome your struggles; you start to believe in it too. This isn’t an empty statement. Navroop puts in effort to be on top of the game: she does tons of research, connects with experts in the field, and even tries things out herself.Thank you Navroop !

Ms. Jay Tay Singapore

Navroop has helped me delved deep into my own childhood experiences to see how certain events shaped me into who I am today. She is acutely sensitive, picking out the right moments in the past, and working relentlessly on them, so that I can break free from the invisible hold they have on me. She has played a crucial role in creating a better version of myself. I highly recommend Navroop as she is experienced and kind. I trust her with my deepest insecurities, and I feel 100% safe in her hands.

Client Singapore

Really thank you for this, Navroop… and for today’s work. The generational wounding is now finally healed and I Can finally have a better relationship with my mother from this moment onwards. I feel grateful another prayer answered. !!

Insta Follower India

Your posts on Facebook "heal.with.nav" are always hard hitting and resonate with me. In a good way !!! And sometimes they give me the peace that I didn't know I was craving for. Even if it was for a short time. I know that without even trying you are helping people heal just through your post. I am so proud to know you. God Bless you !!!

Online Client Malaysia

Thanks a lot Nav.. Therapy is the best thing that has happend in 2020.

Trainees' Feedback 1 Australia

The presenter was knowledgeable, professional, but most of all compassionate. She communicated effectively, drawing in the audience whilst imparting valuable information. Her personal stories resonated, but it was her answers to questions put forward to her that won't easily be forgotten. I am so glad I attended this webinar.

Trainees' Feedback 2 Australia

The contents of session helped me understanding my own personality and also to pay attention to the way I raise my children.

Trainees' Feedback 3 Australia

I was very impressed with the speaker, she was professional, intelligent and compassionate and it was very informative.

Trainees' Feedback 4 Australia

Fantastic presentation. Was so grateful to be able to participate. The knowledge of the presenter was exceptional and far exceeded expectations.