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Depression Counselling in Singapore

“Depression is more than just low mood and can affect a person emotionally, cognitively and physically”

Depression is one of the most common yet ignored mental health problem! Did you know, that by end of year 2021, depression is expected to become the second most disabling condition in the World (first being heart disease)? Unfortunately, a large group of people experiencing depressive symptoms go undiagnosed and thus, untreated.

The state of depression makes everything feel extremely tough. People going through it find it almost impossible to improve their situation. However, depression doesn’t have to last forever. It can be treated. The condition can be reversed through professional help Psychotherapy for depressive symptoms helps clear brain fog, despair and the feeling of hopelessness.

Combinations of various brain-body modalities (EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic) along with psychotherapy (Cognitive behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Narrative therapy) is quite effective in finding clarity and hope. In some cases, psychiatric help is also required (which is ona case-to-case basis).

Depression leads to enduring a feeling of hopelessness that negatively impacts one’s mood, feelings, behavior and physical health. Professional therapy will address the root cause of depression. It will help you to feel more positive and hopeful while training your brain to think differently.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

The symptoms of depression fall into three main categories: emotional, cognitive and physical. A person with depression can have multiple symptoms or just a few The presentation below summarizes the leading symptoms.


Lack of enjoyment


Lack of memory
Difficulty in focusing
Struggle in problem solving
Slower thinking
Lack of attention


Change of appetite
Sleeping problems
Chest pain

What are Causes Of Depression?

Depression can be managed, Recovery is possible.

Treatment for Depression

Depression is usually ignored by most people. The condition is often mistaken for a general state of unhappiness, low spirits or a mood swing. However, delaying treatment can make recovery difficult.

Treatment for depression can be a genuine life-saver. It will prove to be a boon for managing some of the worst symptoms of depression. Medication can help provide short term relief and stability but it doesn’t provide a long-term cure. Research shows that psychotherapy combined with medication can be the most effective for curing severe depressive symptoms. Reaching out for help in the early stages of depression can lead to the avoidance of medication. 

How can depression counselling & therapy help?

Helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness are hallmark characteristic features of depression but therapy helps to work on the symptom alleviation by addressing the root cause of the issue triggering the depression.

An attuned therapist opens her own heart space to accommodate the client’s pain and journey with them through, supporting and working towards healing.

Therapists at “Heal with Nav” are qualified to apply evidence-based therapies that are effective in treating depression. We believe in not just symptom management but sustainable healing. Various modalities used in helping with depression are :-

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Mindfulness Therapy

  • EMDR

  • Brainspotting

  • Somatic Experiencing

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works by altering the way an individual thinks (cognition) and acts (behavior). The therapy also has an impact on the way one feels. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been found effective among children, adolescents, adults and older individuals.

The therapy helps people understand how their mood impacts their thinking styles and recognizing common distortions in their way of thinking. The major focus of this treatment is to help an individual understand how their mood gets affected by varied thinking styles and helps activating behavioral changes. This pattern helps an individual engage in productive and enjoyable activities.

Mindfulness Therapy is helpful in promoting a healthy mind. It can prevent a relapse by helping individuals understand various ways to focus on the present and improve self-awareness. The therapy helps one accept negative feelings and thoughts in a positive way without allowing them to overpower one’s mind.

EMDR, Brainspotting and SE are evidence-based brain-body modalities that help in sustainable healing as these address the root causes of the issue/person’s mental health struggle. (Further details about these modalities are given on other pages of our website)

Get in touch with us for effective “depression counselling” & therapy. We will Help You to Live a Better Life!

What are the Benefits of Depression Counselling?

Counselling for Depression

Are you tired of living with depression or feeling stuck? Do you have constant feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. Do reach out and do not delay seeking help.

Contact us today and take charge of your life. We use a combination of the best of the best modalities to help our clients. No one therapy fits all. Each person has a customized treatment plan and goal based on their needs. The psychotherapy sessions will not just bring healing but will also empower you to cope better with your day-to-day life stressors.

Our senior psychotherapist in Singapore Ms. Nav has extensive experience in helping people get sustained results and not just symptom management.

We provide both in person and online sessions. Our sessions last for 60-70 minutes. We understand that asking for help doesn’t come easy and there is stigma attached to people going through mental health conditions but don’t let societal stigma or your inner shame come in the way of you seeking help and being able to live a fuller life. You deserve to heal. YOU MATTER!

With you in your healing journeys-onward and upwards!

Modes of Counselling

We provide the below-stated modes of counselling, which are applied depending upon the needs of each client.

  • In-person face to face sessions
  • Online consultations

Get in touch with us for effective “depression therapy”. We will Help You to Live a Better Life!


Ms. Navroop Sood
Senior Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Research shows that individual may experience depression only once in their lifetime. However, some may experience recurring cases of depression throughout their lives.

There can be many reasons for depressive symptoms-

  • Genetic/ family history
  • Physical health
  • Traumatic life experiences (which includes Developmental trauma)
  • Resilience capacity

Therapeutic efforts to address the root cause of depression can help in sustained alleviation of symptoms.

No. Although its difficult to predict the duration for which the therapy may be required. It varies from individual to individual and is dependent on many factors including person’s internal and external resources.

Although the aim of our therapy is to help the person be empowered/ resilient to deal with life stressors. However, some people may wish to continue therapy as an ongoing support which is totally acceptable.

There are a number of reasons one may wish to continue therapy even after he/she feels better. One, they may wish to address some other issue that would’ve come up during therapy. Second, even though the initial issue is resolved they may need additional support to feel more resilient. Sometimes, clients wish to continue therapy for personal growth and development.

Regardless of the reason, we suggest you to speak to therapist.

Usually, a therapy/counselling sessions will last for an hour. The sessions are usually held at weekly intervals. Frequency of sessions can be mutually decided by the person seeking therapy and the therapist.

We have full faith in the efficacy of our “brain based modalities” practiced at Heal with Nav. We don’t just use talk modalities that help a person to cognitively conceptualize and understand their issues but also address the issue from emotional/ feeling and sensations way. This helps in healing via addressing the root cause and not just symptom management.

As it’s been said – “Change the root if you want to change the fruit.” This helps in not just sustainable healing but embodiment of healing leading to more empowerment, joy, vitality and fulfillment in our clients.

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