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Staunch believer of “Body keeps the score” ( Bessel Van Der Kolk ), Navroop’s approach to healing is holistic where integration of various somatic and talk modalities are used to bring sustainable results.
It’s not just insights of the talk therapy but embodiment of those insights that help clients feel empowered.

She is a firm believer of ‘deep work’. She often gives an analogy of a tree. If we keep cutting the branches (the symptoms), they will keep growing back in some time and then we are doing symptom management. However, when we cut the roots, we remove all the possibility of branches growing back (alleviating the symptoms permanently).

Passionate mental health advocate, she leaves no stone unturned to spread awareness about mental health, destigmatize the need for therapy and normalize talking about mental health struggles.


We are not treating mental illness. We are treating trauma responses, coping mechanisms & subconscious programming.

Trauma is inevitable, healing is essential. Every person is entitled to therapy that will help him or her slowly but greatly in timely fashion and we enable it.

You are resilient! Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself.